Monster Truck Rally DIY Personalizable Giant Banner Kit

Creative Converting

SKU: 340091

Create a winning party atmosphere with our Giant Monster Truck DIY Personalizable Banner Kit! The giant plastic banner features a diamond plate border and a fiery red monster truck crushing a green car. This banner kit comes with seven sheets of letter, number, and character stickers, so you can personalize it with a custom message for your little one's monster truck-themed birthday party!

Giant Monster Truck DIY Personalizable Banner Kit includes:

  • Banner, 60in wide x 20in tall
  • 132 numbers and characters
  • 8: E
  • 7: A
  • 5 each: I, R, S, T
  • 4 each: B, C, D, F, G, L, M, N, O, P
  • 3 each: H, J, K, U, Y
  • 2 each: Q, V, W, X, Z, !, &, 0-9, period
  • 1 each: ST, RD, TH, ND, apostrophe,?